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James A. Greco Sr. started CSR Solutions in 1993, under the name of CSR Computers, and was based in Freehold NJ. CSR was a very small part time consulting company, with a big dream.

 In1995 CSR Computers was officially changed to CSR Solutions, and added Novell Networking, and Windows NT Server 4.0 to it's list of services. Also in 1995 James started to develop the website portion of the company.

In 1997 James achieved his CNA certification for Novell 4.1. Wide area Networks were added to the list of networking solutions that CSR could provide. He also added Java programming to the web development side of the business James also attended schooling for a document imaging system called Docstar.

In 1998, James added Cisco routers, and SCO Unix 5.05 to the list of network components supported by CSR. He also attended Konica and Toshiba factory training for high speed printer connectivity.

In 1999 James added Macromedia Flash animations to the web development side of his business, as well as Novell Intranetware 5.1, Groupwise, and Bordermanager.

In June of 2000, CSR Solutions incorporated, adopting the name CSR Solutions Inc, moved to Old Bridge, New Jersey and began full time consulting. James also picked up Windows 2000 Server and workstation to add to the list of software supported. James also attended Docstar SE school, to become certified on the SQL version of that software.

In 2001, James attended Alchemy school, another document management software, designed to consolidate paperwork and files into one simple database.



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