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Windows 2000 Server
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Small Business Server 2000




We specialize in deploying and maintaining Windows networks using Microsoft's latest suite of (.NET) server products.

Windows 2000 Server

Windows 2000® Server is the multipurpose network operating system for businesses of all sizes. The newest version of the best-selling server operating system, Windows 2000 Server lets you:

Share files and printers reliably and securely.
Choose from thousands of business applications compatible to run today on Windows 2000 Server.
Build Web applications and connect to the Internet.
This combination and flexibility delivers a strong business value proposition for today's IT customer.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2000

The demands of the digital economy place a heavy premium on the ability to exchange information seamlessly. This has made messaging systems the mission-critical application for today's enterprise, and it has made the task of building and maintaining a reliable messaging infrastructure one of the most important jobs for IT professionals. Exchange 2000 is a reliable, scalable platform with low cost of ownership and a secure infrastructure that is easy to manage. Deploying Exchange results in enhanced reliability as well as significantly improved performance and scalability to meet the changing needs of your enterprise or small business.

Internet Security and Acceleration Server

If you Connect it - Protect it!

Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 provides secure, fast, and manageable Internet connectivity. ISA Server integrates an extensible, multilayer enterprise firewall and a scalable high-performance Web cache. It builds on Microsoft Windows® 2000 security and directory for policy-based security, acceleration, and management of internetworking.

Small Business Server 2000

Finally,  a product designed for businesses with up to 50 employees on one domain.  This suite contains the three packages mentioned above and much more for a fraction of the price of the sum of its components.



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